Laser Driver A616

The functional nuclear organization has become an important topic in epigenetics. For this purpose, methods of optical far-field light resolution are required, which go beyond the possibilities of conventional epifluorescence microscopy (optical resolution about 200 nm laterally, 600 nm axially). For this purpose, the IMB has established a large number of methods of superresolution microscopy ("nanoscopy").

The focus of our future research at the IMB will be on further improving these methods and applying them to collaborative projects in epigenetics.

The laser driver developed by the E-Lab supports this research. It makes laser beam power adjustable and stable over a long period of time.

Technical data

Supply voltage: 100-240V AC
Power input: 10 Watt
Supply frequency: 50/60Hz
Internal supply: 5V DC / 1A
Laser output: 400mW
Laser operating voltage: 5V
Laser wavelength: freely selectable
Intensity range: 20-400mW
Current stabilization: +-1,0mW
Power button: dynamic

Safety inspection according to VDE0701 and CE-conformity: Protection Class II, 10.08.2018 E-Lab

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