The Scientific Management Department is headed by Ralf Dahm, who was appointed in 2010.

As Director of Scientific Management, Ralf is responsible for a range of activities, such as overseeing IMB’s outreach activities, including public and media relations and the institute’s website; the acquisition and management of extramural funds through IMB’s Grants Office; the organisation of conferences, symposia, IMB’s Seminar and Lecture series and other scientific events arranged by IMB’s Scientific Events Office; the recruitment and training of junior scientists through IMB’s International PhD Programme, Summer School and Postdoc Programme as well as facilitating the recruitment and moving to IMB of senior scientists; research evaluations and the organisation of IMB’s annual Scientific Advisory Board meetings as well as institutional cooperations and the acquisition of external funding to support institutional activities.


Personal Assistant to Dr Ralf Dahm
Sherouk Khalifa
Phone: +49-6131-39-31165