Therapies for the diseases of ageing must start with understanding ageing itself

Find out about exciting topics at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the German Association for Aging Research on 27-28 June! [more]


Helle Ulrich awarded an ERC Advanced Grant

The grant will fund her research on how ubiquitin contributes to DNA repair and genome stability. [more]


GenEvo is recruiting PhD students!

Looking for a PhD in molecular & evolutionary biology? Apply here by 15 July! [more]


Claudia Keller Valsecchi awarded the Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose University Prize

The prize recognises her work on sex chromosomes and the mechanisms of gene dosage compensation. [more]


A new way to measure ageing and disease risk with the protein aggregation clock

Check out the new article from Dorothee Dormann and Edward Lemke in Nature Cell Biology! [more]


BreakTag opens the way for precise, predictable & personalised genome editing

Check out the Roukos lab's new Nature Biotechnology paper here! [more]


Stamatis Papathanasiou awarded an ERC Starting Grant

Congratulations to Stamatis! The grant funds his work on how mitotic errors cause persistent chromatin alterations that contribute to ageing and cancer. [more]


The 2024 IPP and ISS calls are now open!

Click here to apply to our International PhD Programme or International Summer School! [more]


Roopesh Anand joins IMB as a Group Leader

Roopesh studies the mechanisms underlying homology-directed repair of DNA double-strand breaks, which are often impaired in cancer and accelerated ageing. [more]


Registration is now OPEN!

Register now for the Annual Meeting of the German Association for Aging Research on 27-28 June! [more]


Julian König joins the prestigious Heisenberg Programme

Julian studies posttranscriptional gene regulation and how this is disrupted in disease and ageing. [more]


Katharina Papsdorf joins IMB as a Group Leader

Katharina's lab looks at how lipids drive cellular changes that affect ageing and longevity. [more]


Scientists create a molecular toolbox for cracking protein postcodes

Check out the Ulrich lab's new Molecular Cell paper here [more]


Dorothee Dormann awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant

Congratulations to Dorothee! [more]


Stamatis Papathanasiou awarded the Rising Star Award

Congratulations to Stamatis! [more]