Since 2012, the International Summer School has been held as an onsite 6-week programme. In 2020, IMB made the difficult decision to cancel the onsite ISS due to health concerns during the ongoing pandemic. In 2021 & 2022, for the health and safety of all participants, the ISS was successfully held as an online 3-week programme. Find below students' impressions about former ISS programmes hosted here in Mainz.

Feedback from our former ISS students

“The ISS programme at IMB was a life-changing experience, both academically and socially. The project I worked on was very interesting, as it opened my eyes to an entire area of research, and it allowed me to enhanced my coding skills, especially in data science." (ISS 2023)


"The ISS was more than over my expectations! It combines high education with excellent hands-on experience. As a result, not only you become a better-qualified researcher but also you have so much fun in such a friendly and multicultural environment like the IMB. Thank you ISS!" (ISS 2019)

"One of the best experiences I have ever lived! I had the opportunity to learn a lot, enjoy science in an excellent research group and make friends from different countries focused on science." (ISS 2018)

"The ISS is the best way for students to get a taste of how to do science and enjoy it." [ISS 2019]

"The Online ISS has been the best experience I have had so far. The work tasks were amazingly crafted for us to learn new things and improve interactions with our fellow contestants - a great addition to my scientific knowledge." (ISS 2022)

"I really enjoyed getting to know so many enthusiastic young scientists and making new friends from all over the world!" (ISS 2017)

"I have never experienced such a diverse online programme! This is a unique opportunity to master researchers' skills and discover the most exciting topics in the field of molecular biology." (ISS 2021)

"The liberal environment of the IMB allowed me to explore my never-ending curiosity for molecular biology. It was an amazing journey." (ISS 2017)

“I have never worked in such good conditions and with such cool equipment. The atmosphere in the institute is very open and international and the people are very friendly.” (ISS 2015)

"One of the most memorable things was communicating with people from so many different countries and continents, and the excellent time we had together." (ISS 2016)

"This experience is unforgettable,in the best sense!" (ISS 2014)

"My group was really friendly and I am sad to leave after such a short time! The group of ISS students was very nice and international and I got a really cool project." (ISS 2015)

"This experience was incredibly valuable. Lab work was just awesome." (ISS 2013)

"The best part of the ISS was that we got integrated so quickly in the amiable academic atmosphere at the institute and of course, doing the project under really great supervision." (ISS 2014)

"ISS at IMB offers a great environment, resources and fascinating scientific questions. It is an excellent opportunity - just take it and make the most of it!" (ISS 2012)

"The ISS was amazing in general! Thank you!" (ISS 2014)

"I like the good scientific vibe that I have felt all along these six weeks. I especially like the friendly atmosphere of everything." (ISS 2013)

"This was a unique chance for me to get first-hand experience working in a leading laboratory. It changed my perspective on science for the better and was the best science summer in my life." (ISS 2012)