Advanced Training Programme

To successfully find a new position in the increasingly complex and competitive job market, young researchers need professional skills training along with scientific training. IMB's Advanced Training Programme (ATP) helps PhD students and postdocs to acquire these skills through a range of lectures, workshops and other activities.

Our professional skills courses include:

  • Biostatistics
  • Scientific writing
  • Professional & effective presentation training
  • Leadership & management training
  • Grants proposal writing
  • Intellectual property rights & patenting

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IMB also offers a range of additional training activities for young researchers, including:

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Career Mentoring

To provide guided mentoring and career development opportunities to junior researchers, IMB founded the IMB Mentoring Programme for Junior Researchers. The programme is open to all PhD students in the International PhD Programme (IPP) and postdocs in the IMB Postdoc Programme (IPPro), partnering participants with professionals working in academia and beyond. Mentors provide focused and impartial advice and encourage mentees to better understand their career path options, helping them realise their full potential.

If you are a member of the IPP or IPPro and would like to learn more about this opportunity, visit the IPP intranet​ or contact IMB's Professional Development Office.